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How to: Crack Password Encrypted Zip Files

17 Apr 2010

fcrackzip is a zip-file encryption cracker, which can handle (recover / crack / hack) any password encrypted zipfile. Inside it uses a number of methods to accomplish the crack, but this happens nicely behind the scenes.

Install and fcrackzip on Ubuntu by typing:

cc@zeus:~$ sudo aptitude install fcrackzip

Use the fcrackzip for password cracking on Ubuntu by typing:

cc@zeus:~/Desktop$ fcrackzip -v -b -p aaaa -u
found file 'cuda_dxtc.pdf', (size cp/uc 244965/294438, flags 9, chk a5d3)
checking pw rUt~ 

PASSWORD FOUND!!!!: pw == test

Happy zip-file cracking ;)

FCrackZip website

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